download“It has been a pleasure working with Connium over the past few years.  When we made the change to Connium, there remained many projects unfinished by the previous property manager.
One by one, your team approached the challenge with professional conduct and completed the tasks both within budget and offering advice from the vast experience your Company has within the property management field.”

  “Connium demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and knowledge that fits corporation’s desires. They were diligent in their work and in their ability to keep all projects within their proposed timeframes and to obtain very competitive market pricing on all the projects. These were met with all scheduling and budget requirements provided, which in term helped the corporation to manage our funds and to keep common elements fees under control.”

 “We are particularly impressed with Connium Management’s General Manager Ms. Mimi Yung’s dedication. Mimi offers professional advice catered to our needs, and she ensures that we are well-informed. Her responsiveness, flexibility and attention to detail are what set Connium apart from other management companies.”

“Our condominium corporation is a commercial plaza. Under the strong guidance and leadership of Connium, our corporation has upheld its value, stayed well-maintained throughout the years, and help the tenants promote its business by attracting new customers.”

With more than 100 townhouse units here, Connium had always accommodated flexibly to the needs of every resident. They are great listeners, always listen patiently to each problem and respond accordingly. I often see them staying well beyond their work hours to help our residents. Connium also displayed professionalism by always offering opinions from multiple experts.”

 “ We find that all staff designated by Connium Management Inc. presented their performance and fulfilled their duties in a timely and professional manner to maintain this property at prestigious class and good value.  The services they have delivered exceed the contract requirements and responsibilities.  Their professional advice is always ready that extends the scope of their contract.”

“Your management team is very knowledgeable in the field, helpful, understandable and accommodating to the needs of unit owners. Connium is also very professional, reliable and well-comminuted with the Board of Directors and owners…”

 “ Connium Management Inc. has numerous assets to offer to any type of properties (i.e. commercial or residential) which will require a trustworthy management company.  They have a team of multi-lingual and highly qualified personnel, such as property managers and accountants.  The team has provided professional advises to save cost, major/minor repairs or maintenance, contract negotiation, management fees collection strategy and expertise in long term planning on how to maintain and improve the quality of our homes.”