C (Conscientious, Comprehensive, Consistent)

Each and every staff member in Connium is conscientious and consistent with providing a sincere approach to resolve matters regarding your properties. The Connium team is determined; likewise, the need for achievement motivates us to treat our clients in a positive, organized manner.

O (Obligation)

Our sense of obligation provides you a peace of mind. We deliver services in such a manner that leaves you no worries. Our devoted property managers are on-call 24 hours a day to ensure that every urgent matter will be dealt with immediately upon your report.

N (Negotiable)

Negotiations and debates are inevitable when it comes to decisions-making. In an effort to arrive at a conclusion which satisfies all parties involved, Connium will aim to skillfully resolve issues with compromise in mind. Our professional consultants will provide you with the best, possible solution.

N (Network)

Connium is interconnected internally and externally. Any one member of our team is aware of what is happening at your site, and they can answer your questions readily. Outside of Connium, we consist of a web of knowledgeable, trustworthy tradesmen where your problems can be worked out at the lowest cost. Because of our broad network, we can provide a number of quotes for your consideration.

I (Inclusive, Innovative, Interactive)

We offer comprehensive services in three key management areas: Physical Building Management; Financial Management and Administrative Management. Regardless of your area of interest, we develop the ideal plan to accommodate your short-term needs as well as your long-term goals.

U (Ultimate) ideal, perfect, good match

“You” are the centre of our service. Our philosophy is simple – “Your property is our home”. We organize preventive maintenance, plan future capital expenditures and make investments grow in value. Ultimately, Connium’s commitment yields successful, long-term relationships with the Corporation and the Board of Directors as well as residents and tenants. Whether you need one property manger or a full team of property management professionals, Connium Management Inc. has proven success for over 20 years.

M (Management)

Connium is specialized in developing an innovative management solution to ensure your full entitlement. Our Management Team will efficiently manage your businesses by allocating human and financial resources effectively.  With our dedicated team approach, you will receive expert management in all three key areas of property management: building management, administrative and financial management.  The Management Team assumes responsibility for the functionality, cleanliness, safety, and appearance of your Property.  Preventative maintenance is ongoing and inspections are carried out on a regular basis.

A unique feature of Connium is our dedication to the professional development of our personnel.  As part of our ongoing commitment to the highest service standard, workshops are held for the management and the on-site team working at your property.  During these sessions, the team has an opportunity to address issues and concerns, receiving valuable input on how to improve systems and service quality.